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Merri "Murrumbeena Video World"
Great addition to our business mix, Easy and prompt delivery always with a friendly smile

Just a note to express my thanks for  your fabulous support since the purchase, from icm8, of our slushee machine. Your advice & response to my questions has been both prompt & very courteous.


It has been very beneficial to our business to add this machine to our business mix.


Since you delivered the machine we have seen a steady increase in sales and your POS kit has been very useful (we now have a super large poster in an A frame out the front) in this end.


The convenience of simply being able to ring and get our deliveries next day has been terrific and the provison of cups, straws etc has been great. One stop shopping for everything really suits me!


I have been recently using your latest innovations of "loyalty cards" & this seems to be popular. I would love to have some flags to hang out front too.


The machine itself has been trouble free & is easy to clean & maintain.  A great addition to our business mix.


Cheers and thanks again for all your support

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