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School Package   

icm8 started out solely servicing school canteens / tuck shops / cafeterias, etc.. 
We understand that most schools have limited funding. 
We want to offer the students (and teachers) a healthy alternative at a reasonable price.
We previously had machines available (upon application) that we provided to schools free on loan. 
Unfortunately, like many of the others companies in the industry, it got harder to provide quality juice and machinery allowing for a good return to the canteen.
However, these days we do it better. We can offer several types of special packages that will benefit the school, canteen and contractors with more profits and options. 
We have a special formula that makes it really affordable and profitable for the school canteens to be able to offer these healthier alternatives in a fun way.

Special icm8 School Package Includes:
 - Slushie Machine
 - 4 to 7 boxes of 99% Fruit Juice Concentrate
 - Easy to use laminated instruction and tools(Calibration Bottles & Food Grade Lubricant)
 - FREE Cups + Straws (depends on location) 
 - FREE Marketing Material to assist sales
 - FREE Installation and Complete Staff Training
 - FREE Technical Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
 - icm8 delivers products to your premises usually within 24-48 hours

All that we recommend is that you look after the equipment by cleaning it regularly and have the right attitude to want to make it work. After all we can only assist you if you want our help to make high profit margins while offering a healthier alternative.
Call us today to find out more how to get a machine into your school canteen today 1300 175 874


Slushies in Schools   
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