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OYO (Own Your Own) Machines

We are The Slushie Specialists and are happy to offer our free advice to anyone who owns a slushie machine. We do this to ensure that you are well educated about all aspects of your machine and product, and how you can get the best out of it. The key to making your slushie machine a great success and extremely profitable is to have the best selling product to ensure repeat business. It is important that you have aappropriate stable great tasting product in the machine, making sure it is changed regularly to keep it looking fresh and tasting great. Cheaper products are renowned for causing expensive gearboxes to break down prematurely, ultimately costing you a lot more than you can save. The other key factor is ensuring that the right maintenance procedure are carried out regularly including cleaning the machine and servicing. 
If you already own your own slushie machine and require any assistance, we specialize in customer service and making sure our customers are happy. After all, we want it to work you as if it works for you, then it will be working for us.  

About Juice   
If you want more information about our famous Slushie mixes then click on thAbout Juice page - this includes our 4 great ranges; 
> Our Fruchilla 99% Natural Fruit Juice Concentrate 
> Our Fruchilla Premium sugar base Slushie Concentrate - Regular and Cocktail flavours 
> Our Fruchilla Sports Slushie Mix.
> Our internationally renown Ice CAFÉ FRAPPÉ - Original Iced Coffee & Original Iced Chocolate
Slushie Machines   
icm8 also offers an extensive range of brand new and reconditioned slushie machines so that you can own your own machine and reap the rewards and take advantage of the high profits margins today.
All our machines come with a comprehensive warranty.
Click on thMachines page for more information. 

Our success is dependent on your success.  
We don’t just supply machines – our aim is to assist you in selling more Slushies!
We are famous for: 
      Free professional and expert (no obligation) advice
      Free paper cups & spoon straws (with the appropriate amount of concentrate purchased)
Free in store marketing and promotional material
24 hour x 7 day diagnostic repairs 
Dedicated professional refrigeration mechanic and Slushie gurus who specialises in Slushie Machines
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