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Slushie Machines in Melbourne from icm8

Since 2005, icm8 has been supplying quality new slushy machines throughout the Melbourne area.
The slushie machine supplier company began with the purpose to supply schools and other establishments with a healthy and fun drink. Over the years icm8’s reputation has grown from strength to strength, becoming famous for its 99% fruit juice slushie concentrate and slushie machines for sale. The Healthy Alternative!
Year after year, more schools are following the VSCA (Victorian School Canteen Association) recommendations and supplying the students more and more healthy alternatives. Most top end operators and catering companies will only use icm8 when they want new and slushie machines for sale. When you are in need for a delicious and actually healthy slushie machine in Melbourne, remember icm8.

We are Proud of our Healthy Alternative Slushy Mix

We at icm8 are extremely proud of our product as the students, parent committees, teachers and health nutritionists have all given the flavours the thumbs up! We have shown no compromise to ensuring that the flavours and additive are natural and healthy. We don’t need to add any sugar or any other ingredient that will make our product more saleable as our flavours are beautiful and natural just the way they are.
We not only have the BEST slushie mix but are famous for our extremely prompt and efficient service. We really do care and our aim is to help you improve your business that is to make your students/customers happy!

Are You Looking to Buy Slushie Machines?

Our aim is to assist you in selling slushies not just to sell you our products. That’s why we work hard in offering you FREE loyalty cards, temporary tattoos, point of sale material and lots of honest advice. Do you want to buy a slushie machine? We also offer a great way to buy daiquiri machines – the daiquiri machines for sale at icm8 can make non-alcoholic beverages quickly and easily. To further increase your profit margin we sell brand new and 2nd hand Slushie machines. They all come with warranties as well as our guaranteed prompt service. Let us help you.... please call us for some wholesome advice and talk to the Slushie Specialists!
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BRAS FBM are one of the best Slushie Machines around - Please ask us WHY !!!

We dont just sell slushie machines, we help you sell slushies! Get more out of your machine by dealing with the experts.

The number one Australian dealer of the Carpigiani Slushie Machine for the last 15years. 

New Style Carpigiani Horeca GHZ 
       Carpigiani Slush

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Slush Machine for Schools

Providing the healthy alternative slushies through schools, caravan parks, cinemas, kiosks, convenience stores, swimming pools, bars, leisure centres, cafes and other various outlets.

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icm8 are proudly the only slushie company registered and qualified with VSCA.

Corporate Daiquiri Machine Hire
Machines available for corporate functions, major events as well as making a difference in all types of food and catering businesses.

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