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The brilliant BRAS Collection   

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BRAS Slushie Machines

BRAS was born in 1969 and produce a high-quality Italian machine. 
They are known for their fantastic patented magnetic drive system.

 BRAS FBM Black or White Slushie Machine

Single, Twin, Triple, also as a Mini 1x6L and Giant(Atlas) 2x15L
Comes in Black or White body,lid, drip trays, tap handles
Magnetic Patented Mixing System
Easy to clean
Easy to use
Visually Appealing
Easy Lightbox - can face forwards or Backwards (No cables/cords needed)
13 Month Factory Warranty 
Made in Italy 
Lightest and most compact
Known as the easiest and fastest machine to clean

NB: The image has been used as a representation of the machine and the colours/handles/minor visual differences may/can vary
Please ask as we may be able to customise it to suit your needs

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W 36 D 47 H 69 
Bowl Capacity: 
20L (2 x 10L) 
42 kg
10Amp Plug 1100w


Colour:  Stainless Steel Panels and Black Lightbox, handles and Evaporator supports 
Bowl Capacity: 30L (3 x 10L) 
Dimensions:  W 54 H 69 D 47 
Weight: 54 kg
Power: 10amp    
Power consumption: 1300w 
BRAS Milano Dispensers   
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