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Energy Drink Risk Article
Mar 18 2014 7:36PM Posted by Richard Rosenberg
We came across this interesting article in the media, which just gives you another reason to choose icm8's 99% Fruit Juice Slushies!!!!

Energy Drink Risk
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Brand New Flavour
Jun 11 2013 12:46AM Posted by Richard Rosenberg
We have recently introduced a brand new flavour, DragonFruit. It is the coolest flavour loved by many who have tried it, and if you haven't tried it - you are missing out. The flavour is explained to be the perfect mix between sweet and sour. It still falls into the natural 99% Fruit Juice Slushie Category. You really do have to try it to believe it.

Dragon Fruit
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Your choice out of seven beautiful 99% Fruit Juice base flavours 
Jul 28 2011 3:04AM Posted by Richard Rosenberg
We supply
The best looking, easiest to use twin bowl slushie machines for our hires.
Plus Premium quality 99% juice - The healthy alternative
icm8-Berry, icm8-Lime, icm8-Orange/Mango, icm8-Tropical, icm8-Watermelon, icm8-Lemonade , icm8-Fruit Cola

[Click here for more info on icm8 juice]

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Do you need a Slushie fix???
Mar 24 2011 7:27PM Posted by Richard Rosenberg
icm8 will be at the Formula 1 Grand Prix at Albert Park this weekend -
Make sure you grab some sushi and a slushie from the Van Go caravan near Gate 1, next door to the Vodafone Tent.
Say hello to the boys for us! 
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