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Bunn Reseller of Ultra 2 Granita Machines

icm8 have been selling Bunn Granita Machines for over 15 years.
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Bunn Ultra 2 

Twin bowl Granita machines available here!

BUNN is a USA corporation specializing in designed and manufactured twin bowl granita machines

Modern and elegant looking counter unit.

Machine extremely sensitive to having the right product mix and not to be run too empty otherwise it will cost a lot too repair it.

Unique and simple to program and run, with touch pad display, which also guides you threw cleaning and preventive maintenance.

Reversing auger design quickens freeze time and reduces air mixing with product.

Enhanced “no-lube” design on faucets and seals which simplifies installation and cleaning.

Refrigeration system internally monitored to ensure long lasting performance.

Two large hoppers for optimum cooling & serving capacity.

Comes with an upto 5yr warranty

BUNN recommend a 6-12 month preventative maintanance to be done to the machine, where you are required or recommended to replace the shaft seals at your expense. Please check out the Preventative Maintennance Kit online
Lighted displays for merchant graphics.

NOTE: Shaft and torsion springs replacement not covered. Representative of BUNN (Factory Authorized Sales, Service and Warranty Agents for Australia and New Zealand) claim it to be caused by incorrect use of machine and therefore BUNN is unwilling to honour it. 

BUNN Simple Cleaning Video   
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