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Fruchilla Posters and Flavour Labels   
              99% Fruit Juice Poster                                         Fruchilla Poster                                                    Flavour Labels Examples                                                                 


                        Victorian Schools Canteen Association (VSCA) 2016 Certificate                                                    Nutrition Australia Certification                                        
icm8 VSCA Certificate 2013       

                    Kosher Certificate 2016 - It's Kosher 

We have been the # 1 Carpigiani Slush Machine dealer in Australia for the last 4yrs   

icm8 Promotional Tools   
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        Iced Coffee Frappe Poster               Iced Chocolate Frappe Pster


Fruit Juice Posters
    Poster 1 - Stay Cool (Dark)            Poster 2 - Available Here               Poster 3 - Get Some               Poster 4 - Stay Cool (Light)

           Poster 5 - Stay Cool (Landscape)                  Wrap'n'Slushie Meal Deal Poster
  icm8 Articles 4 School Newsletter       Letter Of Authenticity                   Loyalty Card Poster               Temporary Tattoo Poster
      Letter of Authenticity   Loyalty Card Poster   icm8 Tattoo Poster
          Sugar Base Poster 1                   Sugar Base Poster 2                  Sugar Base Poster 3
   icm8 Slushie Poster   icm8 Slushie Poster   icm8 Slushie Poster
Here are a few eye catching and attention getting point of sale posters that assist in letting people know that you have the icm8 product available.
Click on the posters to enlarge them. If you require artwork with higher resolutions please contact us via email ( and we will be able to happily look after you.

                                              99% Natural Fruit Juice Spec Sheet

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Slushie Posters   

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