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icm8 Hot Chocolate   

At icm8, we understand that slushies can be a seasonal product, which is why icm8 are proud to bring you a product which can be just as popular over the winter months. icm8 have finally worked on the perfect package for you. The Recipe we use is;


Top Quality Machine + Top Quality Belgian Drinking Chocolate = Yummy Hot Chocolate (including Great Profits)

Hot Chocolate Package   
We offer
 - Top Quality Hot Chocolate Dispenser
 - Frosty Boy Premium Belgian Hot Chocolate
 - 8oz/250ml Foam Cups
 - Simple to Operate and Clean
 - High Quality Chocolate
 - Healthy Enjoyable Drink
 - Very Affordable and Great Profits
Victorian School Canteen Association (VSCA) - Green Approved #
Your Requirements
 - Visual Benchspace (access to standard powerpoint)
 - Skim Milk (e.g. Coles Smart Buy Skim Milk 1L = $1.17) 
You can now also buy Hot Chocolate Machines directly from us, just give us a call (on 0413 74 00 00) to discuss which will suit you best .
# When prepared with skim milk
Proudly Associated with

As with the other icm8 packages, we can supply you with free cups.

The machines are very smart and are limited to a certain temperature to ensure no scolding

Hot Chocolate Machine Hire   
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